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        1. BE IN THE KNOW

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          With stores and stockists countrywide we offer unbeatable choice - If you need it we will have it. Quality furniture and beds with a style and price to suit everyone.


          Great customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Our knowledge & experience will ensure that you find what you’re looking for every time.


          Our buying power means our prices will not be beaten. We buy direct from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to you. Our ethos is simple:
          The best furniture & beds at the best price.


          We started as a small family business 29 years ago. Since then we have grown to include 6 South Island stores and a network of stockists nationwide. But no matter how big the family grows our founding values remain the same: Great choice, genuine service and always excellent value for money.

          Though all our stores are independent we work together as a group to get the best deals for our customers. Our combined buying power and expert local knowledge means we can offer exclusive products at prices the big chains just can't match.

          Our team of expert buyers travel the globe visiting international furniture shows to find the best gear. We deal directly with the factory and specify our own designs and products that are tailored to suit our unique local markets.

          LOWER PRICES

          No one beats us on price! We pride ourselves on being price leaders and take it very seriously. We don't just talk about lower prices or big savings - We actually do have the lowest prices... You will save big!

          Why are our prices so much lower? We import in bulk just like the big chain stores. But because our products go direct to the store and not via a central warehouse we are able to avoid expensive storage and distribution costs that the 'big' guys can’t – And we pass those savings on to you!

          Always a better deal: Everyone offers a "Best price guarantee" but we'll go one better... Even if we don't stock the exact same item we will find you something equivalent or better and for a cheaper price – We simply won't be beaten on price!

          Challenge us: We do our best to keep the content on our site up to date but because we are always coming up with great new products and promotions sometimes we may be able to offer you a better deal in store... So if you like a product but not the price then let us know and we'll see if we can sharpen our pencil!

          Found a lower price? Then we want to hear from you!


          100% LOCAL

          All Furniture Warehouse stores are locally owned & operated. When you buy from your local store you can be sure that none of your hard earned dollars are heading over the ditch - We're all about local service for local people!

          FIND A STORE

          OUR PARTNERS

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